Professor Oliver Riedel and Elke Weiser, owner and project manager of the agency WEISERDESIGN

Stuttgart Mechanical Engineering wins the German Brand Award

June 10, 2022, Nr. 34

Recognition for the Stuttgart Mechanical Engineering brand at the University of Stuttgart

The brand "Stuttgart Mechanical Engineering" at the University of Stuttgart has been awarded the German Brand Award 2022 in the category Education & Research, in recognition of its successful brand management. The award was presented by a high-caliber panel of experts from the brand industry and the field of brand science, as well as Germany’s leading authority on design and brands.

"The award confirms the importance of our brand and the relevance of mechanical engineering at the University of Stuttgart. Mechanical engineering was and is a driver of Stuttgart's industry," says Professor Oliver Riedel, Vice Dean of Faculty 7 - Engineering Design, Production Engineering and Automotive Engineering. The Stuttgart mechanical engineering brand conveys the overriding message: "Modern mechanical engineering is anything but boring." Forward-looking, relevant high-tech technologies are being created in Stuttgart, thanks to the interaction of a wide range of specialist areas.

An umbrella for complex technological solutions for the business and social sectors

Stuttgart Mechanical Engineering is the largest university institution for mechanical engineering in Germany. The brand bundles the research and training potential of a total of 42 institutes from two faculties at the University of Stuttgart. The network is further strengthened by an extensive network of external partners. Together, researchers are designing innovative solutions for sustainable, autonomous, socio-technical systems. As a result, Stuttgart Mechanical Engineering is tackling a range of future challenges: "For the energy and mobility transformation, digitalization and the climate crisis, the limits of what is technically feasible are constantly being pushed forward," explains Professor Stefan Weihe, Vice Dean of Faculty 4 - Energy-, Process- and Bio-Engineering.

Diversity and interdisciplinarity in research and teaching

What began in 1858 with the first professorship for mechanical technology in Stuttgart, has since developed into a mechanical engineering faculty with the strongest research and teaching capabilities in Germany: More than 6000 students and more than 1200 employees experience daily the diversity and interdisciplinarity that has evolved under the new brand of Stuttgart Mechanical Engineering. 27 study programs offer students excellent prospects for the future. This is the broadest range of courses on offer in the field of mechanical engineering in the whole of Germany.

The brand was developed with WEISERDESIGN. The Stuttgart-based design agency is dedicated to scientific communication and will continue to implement communication measures together with the Stuttgart Mechanical Engineering project team.


Dr. Charlotte Kuhn, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart Mechanical Engineering, Tel. +49 711 685-66470, email, Stuttgart Mechanical Engineering website

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