Tasks and members of the Joint Commission Mechanical Engineering

Tasks of the Joint Commission of Mechanical Engineering

The Joint Commission of Mechanical Engineering (GKM) is in charge of all aspects of studies and teaching in the two faculties (departments) of Mechanical Engineering:

As laid out in the Statutes (in German), these are especially:

  • proposing the members of the Committees on Student Affairs and Teaching and the Deans of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies,
  • the preparation of the establishment, modification and cancellation of study courses of the faculties 4 and 7,
  • the preparation of the associated competitions, study and examination regulations and curricula,
  • the decision on the use of tuition / quality assurance funds,
  • communication with the two faculties (committee work).

Moreover, the GKM supports faculties 4 and 7 and their study programs, through

  • the Mechanical Engineering Center (Studienbüro Maschinenbau) as a contact point and service institution, especially in advising students,
  • the organization of information events, introductory events and graduation ceremonies,
  • public relations in various media,
  • the participation in rankings and seals of quality,
  • support of the annual meeting of the Commission "Deutschlandstipendium",
  • the integration of the study guides (Studienlotsen) and university didactics in the faculties,
  • the organization of the MentorING program for new undergraduate students,
  • the organisation of lecture series',
  • supporting internationalization, as well as
  • supporting equality and possibilities of studying with children.


Members of the Joint Commission of Mechanical Engineering


Prof. F. Allgöwer
Prof. S. Böttinger (stv.)
Prof. A. Brem (stv.)
Prof. G. Cattaneo
Prof. J. Groß (Vors.)
Prof. B. Gundelsweiler (stv. Vors.)
Prof. A. Herkommer
Prof. K. Hölzle
Prof. M. Kreimeyer
Prof. A. Kronenburg
Prof. E. Laurien (stv.)
Prof. H. Lens (stv.)
Prof. M. Liewald
Prof. C. Mehring (stv.)
Prof. H.-C. Möhring
Prof. P. Pott 
Prof. O. Riedel (stv.)
Prof. O. Sawodny
Prof. G. Scheffknecht 
Prof. K. Schenke-Layland (stv.) 
Prof. R. Schulz
Prof. K. Stergiaropoulos (stv.)
Prof. R. Takors (stv.)
Prof. C. Tarín (stv.)
Prof. S. Tenbohlen
Prof. M. Tilebein
Prof. G. Tovar (stv.)
Prof. A. Verl
Prof. D. Vogt
Prof. A. Wagner
Prof. C. Wege (stv.)
Prof. I. Weiß
Prof. A. Zimmermann (stv.)

Academic Staff

Dr.-Ing. B. Bäuerle
Dr. rer. nat. A. Lohmüller (stv.)
Ina Maier, M.Sc. (stv.)
R.-W. Müller
Prof. Onorific Dipl.-Ing. J. Siegert
Dr.-Ing. U. Vogt


Mr Briem
Mr Eberlein (stv.)
Ms Haller
Ms Hoppe
Mr Knabe (stv.)
Mr Koury
Mr Mahmood
Mr Schell 

Non-academic Staff

A. Radszuweit
Dr.-Ing. C. Kuhn

(during WiSe 2022/23)    


Meeting Dates

(Pfaffenwaldring 9, 5th floor)
05/10/2023, 2 pm (GKM)
06/14/2023, 2 pm (GKM)
06/14/2023, 3 pm (Examination Committees)
07/05/2023, 2 pm (GKM)
10/25/2023, 2 pm (GKM)
12/13/2023, 2 pm (GKM)
01/31/2024, 2 pm (GKM)


Graduation Ceremonies

B.Sc. Graduation Ceremony: 06/23/2023, 3 pm
M.Sc. Graduation Ceremony: 07/14/2023, 3 pm


Meeting Dates

(until the end of winter semester 2019/20) 

(Pfaffenwaldring 9, 5th floor)
29.01.2020, 14:00 Uhr

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