4th edition of the textbook "Materialbearbeitung mit Laser" published

August 4, 2022 /

[Picture: Springer Vieweg]

The fourth, fundamentally revised edition of the German book by Prof. Thomas Graf and Prof. Helmut Hügel introduces to the application of lasers for manufacturing technology. Starting with the generation and properties of laser radiation, the book deals with the interaction mechanisms with the workpiece, which are essential for successful process design. Using selected and industrially relevant manufacturing processes as examples, the link between basic knowledge and technological implementation is presented.

A fundamental update of the contents of the textbook has become necessary as the field of laser applications has grown enormously in all areas of the manufacturing industry. The textbook also covers the new scientific findings on the interaction of laser radiation with the processed material and the consequences for the machining processes.

Publisher: Springer Vieweg, ISBN-13: 978-3658372507, ISBN 978-3-658-37252-1 (eBook)

Contact: Prof. Dr. Thomas Graf

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